I recently watched a webinar on the pump

I recently watched a webinar on the pumping culture. Where woman spend their days pumping and exclusively giving their baby’s pumped BM. It has become a culture. They are selling bras that you can stick the pump flanges through so you don’t have to hold the pump. I even saw and advertisement with a mom hands free pumping while playing with her baby on the floor. Why not play with her baby while BF? When did this become normal? When did the culture change? Can women be seen as beautiful and nurturing while holding their nursling? What happens if issues are addressed right away upon birth and exclusivity rates went up? Do women pump exclusively for convenience? So they can work? Fear if embarrassment of public feeding? So their husband or partner can share that responsibility? I take it to social media. I want to hear from YOU. If you were given the choice, would you exclusively BF? Would you exclusively pump? What would you do and why.

It is my sense that marketing and media has changed the face of BF and formula. They are saying that BM is best but it doesn’t matter if it comes from the source or a bottle. But that’s not true. Facial structure of a BF baby is vastly different than that of a bottle (formula or BM) fed baby. Obesity rates of a bottle fed baby are different (formula or BM). The stigma is different too. But what’s most important? Health or what others think? I’m not saying bottle feeding is wrong. People have to work, they have premier baby’s that cannot suckle. They have received such bad Lactation support that their nipple has been destroyed. All reasons a woman chooses to bottle feed. But what about the woman that doesn’t have the above issues? What about the woman who has been pressured by society and those closest to her?

I look forward to hearing from you. Enlightening me so that I am more sensitive with my dealings of moms as a Lactation Counsellor and LLLL.


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