Brexting. Guilty as charged. Hands free

Brexting. Guilty as charged. Hands free time to be distracted. What happened when I didn’t have a phone? What did I do when my other children were baby’s and I had no phone? I don’t remember. I honestly don’t remember. It has become such an epidemic in my nursing. I feel guilty doing it, yet I don’t stop. When I have those moments where I don’t have my phone there’s an instantaneous moment of ‘shoot, I forgot my phone’. Then it becomes an ahhh moment as I feed and look at my beautiful growing baby. How can we put our 3rd world problems of FB, SMS, bejewelled and more on hold for some of our nursing? Or do we want to? We can’t expect that every moment of every feed will be bonding, ogling, cooing, playing and talking with our LO. What should the balance be? I knew a mama who tried EVERYTHING to breastfeed her children however even with visits to one of the top IBCLC’s in the country, 17 pills a day, pumping and more, she just didn’t produce the milk she needed. She once told me that she holds her babies close to her at every feed and bonds with them while bottle feeding. There aree many moms who use their bottle feeding time as bonding just as much as a BF Mama. I love my baby. I love the time we have together to bond. I also love the time I have to multitask and get work done, answer emails, texts and yes, play bejeweled. My personal task is to make sure I have a balance of bonding and distracted time. What’ll be your balance?


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