Carpel tunnel (wrist pain), back pain, arms hurting. Why wasn’t I told about these things! Well not every mother experiences them. Most of the owwies we feel in our body come from poor habits.
Carpel tunnel: This happens mostly when we are cross cradle holding our baby’s. This means holding your baby with the opposite hand and opposite breast. For example holding your baby with your left hand and feeding from your right breast. Click here for a picture of a cross cradle. Most mothers find it helpful to begin with cross cradle then transfer the baby to a cradle hold. See here for the cradle hold. The cradle hold places less pressure on our wrists as our forearms are supporting the baby instead of the wrist. If you find it more comfortable to cross cradle, then you can use your legs to support your baby. I don’t suggest a pillow for a couple of reasons. 1. It places your breasts in an unnatural position. Especially when your baby is a newborn, you need to learn to position properly. Eventually you will leave the house and will not take your pillow. You will need to know how to hold the baby free of any apparatuses. 2. You take your legs everywhere you go . This leads into the next problem of back pain. Often as mothers we gradually start to lean over our baby’s as they get heavier. Problem is it creates back pain along the way. Shoulders back and back straight is the best way to keep your back strong. Again, add your legs as support. You should always bring the baby to you rather than you to the baby. Another great solution is to do lay down while breastfeeding your baby. It’s not always the ideal situation, but when possible it’s suggested. This way there is no strain on your back, or your wrists.
Being diligent in the beginning will really help you to set things off on the right track. If you really focus and try to maintain the best posture and wrist position, then you will be able to resort back to it when you find yourself slipping.


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