Will a bottle a day decrease your supply? Will giving a pacifier decrease your supply? Will that oatmeal I hear about so often really help boost my supply? These and more are all common questions women have when wondering about their supply. Unfortunately there isn’t always a blanket answer. I worked with one woman who had oversupply and then lost her milk at 3 months with her 2nd baby. This happened because the baby would essentially just sit there and open her mouth waiting for the milk to flow in. She knew she didn’t have to work for it because her mother’s supply was so great. Unfortunately the end result was that her breasts told her brain to stop making as the baby doesn’t need, and then she resorted to formula after a few months. When she had her next baby, I taught her to position properly so that the baby had to latch and suck. And she ended up breastfeeding till a year. There are other women who use a bottle a day and it does nothing.
There is a science behind it. Especially in the beginning. When you are establishing your milk supply, it is important that you do not introduce a bottle or a pacifier. The reason for this is, it will tell your body to not produce so much as the baby doesn’t need it. During the crucial first 3-6 weeks, this can be the beginning of a bad snowball. As for a pacifier, it will produce the same hormone called cholecystokinin (CCK) that is produced when a baby sucks at the breast. It will put the baby to sleep yes, but the baby will wake up ravenous as it missed a feed, and your breasts will have missed sending a message to your brain to make milk.
There are some at home things you can take to increase or maintain your supply.
– – Breastfeed on demand and often
– Oatmeal (not instant) has been known to increase supply
– Blessed Thistle and Fenugreek together has been known to boost supply pretty fast. Speak with your healthcare practitioner before beginning any herb.
– Dark ale….


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