Are you breastfeeding? Put down the phone. Are you bottle feeding? Is your baby in the car seat and the bottle is propped up with a blanket? Pick up your baby. So many of us in today’s generation try to do to many things at once. I too am a culprit of that. I will be sending emails while nursing my toddler, or getting one of my other children dressed. Far too often we don’t stop to take that extra time to bond. Even if it’s not every feed throughout the day or even if it’s only a few. Take that extra few minutes to just look at your baby as you are feeding them. Hold them close and look at their eyes, hands, toes. Talk with them. Tell them about how your day is going, how much you love them. Tell them you hope to spend a great day with them. It happens so fast. They will not be breastfeeding as much, or they will be holding a bottle or sippy cup on their own soon enough. When that time comes, we may all look back and miss these moments. So let’s grab them while they are here. Stolen moments are what it’s about. Today I left my phone on the kitchen table. Work could wait. The world would not come crashing down if I didn’t answer an email, a call or a text in the 10minutes it took me to watch my baby fall asleep at my breast. And I was better off for it. My milk came in faster; my heart warmed up as I watched her beautiful eyes slowly close as she drifted into a deep sleep. I have a wonderful smile on my face for taking that time. Are generation is too fast paced to stop and smell the roses. For me, those roses are in my toddlers little cheeks. They are in my 4yr olds eyes, my 5yr olds smile and in my 7yr olds heart. I would love to hear what your roses or stolen moments are. Please share and enlighten me.


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