Recently somebody took one of my flyers

Recently somebody took one of my flyers (14 Risks to Formula as adapted by Infact Canada and the World Health Organization) and slammed me and my intentions all over a Facebook group. It was social media at its best allowing somebody to express what they NEVER would have expressed if it were a face to face interaction. What it did was make me sad that people jumped to judge my intentions. It also made me fearful of the rage of others. I was literally shaking and in tears reading about what others had to say about somebody they don’t even know. Personal attacks are heartless and shameful and always ok when it’s not you on the other end.
I am in fact NOT anti-formula. Each mother that I have worked with that has had to supplement, I help her attain HER goals with breastfeeding. I have educated them in the proper way to prepare and feed formula to their infant so it doesn’t interfere with their breastfeeding goals. I work very hard on myself to leave my biases behind and support a mother the way SHE wants to be supported. Not me.
Some mothers on the Facebook group said that the W.H.O facts are for 3rd world countries only. In fact that is incorrect. A recent study showed that current suboptimal U.S. breastfeeding rates cost the U.S. economy $13 billion per year in 2007 dollars for pediatric health cost and premature death. Cost data of excess maternal disease are not yet published but are thought to be substantial. Little is known about other costs (PubMed, 2011). If 90% of mothers could comply with current medical recommendations around breastfeeding, our economy could save $3.7 billion in direct and indirect pediatric health costs, with $10.1 billion in premature death from pediatric disease( (Another reference
I take tremendous pride in what I do and how I do it. I am always open to constructive feedback that will help me be the best at what I do. I am however not open to being bashed and beaten with the guilt and pain of others.
We all need to work harder to watch what we say on social media. We need to think as though the person is standing in front of us and what we are about to say can have a lasting effect on that person. Pass on the love and warmth!


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