Labour and Delivery.  All women with children have gone through it since Eve.  We all experience it in different ways.  Some of our labours are fast, some slow.  Some of it is a beautiful experience that we dreamed of, and to others is scary and timely.  At the end, we all receive the same gift.  A beautiful little infant that wants nothing more than to be in their mothers arms.  However in today’s generation, women don’t know the rights they have to an informed birth, nor the different ways they can birth and be with their baby when it is born.

When you get an epidural, you are often slowing your labour down.  It is taking away your pain, however it is making the baby so sleepy and relaxed that it won’t have the energy to descend.  This can spark many issues.  When a labour doesn’t progress, after time the baby can go into distress. Distress can cause the baby to excrete meconium (baby’s first bowl movement) in utero which is dangerous if they ingest it.   It also means that you will be receiving a boreal of fluids.  Sometimes it’s liters upon liters.

Once your baby is born, if it was a medicated birth, it will be extra tired.  A tired baby is one who may not want to latch right away.  That is ok.  It just means you need to be extra patient in the learning process. Babies were designed to not need to eat in the first 24hr’s after birth. It is a time to learn their surroundings and get comfortable on their mom’s skin and around her breast.  It’s a beautiful thing to watch a baby explore it’s new surroundings.

I am by no means saying that a woman should have a medication free birth, however, I am saying that they should go in informed and understand the risks and outcomes associated with each intervention.

Stay tuned to part 3 on my next article Life After Birth…………


3 thoughts on “LABOUR AND DELIVERY

  1. Lauren says:

    This post is wildly inaccurate and irresponsible. Current epidural technology extends the first stage of labor by 30 minutes and the second stage by 15, hardly a significant amount in a process that routinely takes hours or even days. Epidural medications do NOT affect the baby because they CANNOT cross the blood-brain barrier. There is NO reason why a woman should suffer hour upon hour of excruciating labor pains just because she wants to breastfeed.

    For honest information about epidurals and breastfeeding, read here ( and here ( For honest information about epidurals and progression of labor, read here (

    • Hello Lauren,

      While I understand your opinion, this is a breastfeeding blog that I have created. Those that come to visit want to learn more about breastfeeding. If you read many of my articles, I site many reputable sources.

      I have repeated over many articles that I believe in a woman’s ability to choose breast or bottle. I have worked with mothers in 2 countries who have both breast and bottle fed and have supported their decisions.

      We are all entitled to our views, passions and opinions. Claiming that my information is inaccurate and irresponsible is not fair. The blog that you sited is not a peer reviewed article in any reputable or non reputable medical journal. It is one persons opinion as is mine. My opinion is based on my personal experience with many many women spanning over 2 countries as well as my education and research with reputable institutions. Being negative rather than supporting open ended dialogue is not acceptable in my opinion. Thank you for expressing yourself.

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