We are all given challenges.  Some we feel we can handle, and others we rack our brains over why we were given them.  I recently worked with a mom who had identical twins.  These beautiful little ones were truly a gift. They follow on the heels a mere 14 months after their older brother.  Their older brother was so tongue tied that he wasn’t able to breastfeed as the parents had wanted.  Shortly after he was born, the mother asked the hospital staff if his tongue was supposed to be attached to the bottom of his mouth.  She knew.  She knew that it wasn’t right.  The nurses said that he had a tongue tie but there was nobody around to clip it.  It was days before they were able to get it clipped.  By that point, it was too late.  They went to lactation consultants and tried and tried.  They ended up supplementing and giving expressed breast milk (EBM) for 5 months as well as formula.

When the twins were born, she was determined to breastfeed as exclusively as she could.  And so she did.  I went to the hospital when they were 12hr’s old and began assisting her on her latch, positioning and helpful tips to help her bring her milk in and help her be comfortable.  We worked together over the course of 2 plus weeks.  She learned to tandem nurse and how to keep them latched. This mom was so dedicated and I was honoured to work with her.

Just when we think we can’t do something, when we are at the end of our rope, sometimes there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  With a good support network, loving words of encouragement and a positive attitude, we can accomplish almost anything.  Don’t give up.  You can do it.  Your breasts and your milk were custom made for your baby. Whether it’s 1, 2 or even 3 babies all you need to do is believe.  If you are faced with any challenges or questions you can’t answer, find a qualified lactation consultant that will guide you to achieving your goals.


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