Latch With Me

Breastfeeding is natural. Babies are born to do it. So why is it so darn hard? Because it is actually a learned behaviour. With a little time, patience and coaching you can successfully breastfeed your baby without pain and frustration.

1. It is the best food for your baby. It contains every vital nutrient for your baby to have success in life
2. You get quiet time to bond with your new baby!
3. Studies show that breastfed babies are less likely to develop childhood obesity, cancers, childhood diabetes, SIDS and the list goes on Breast milk is tailored specifically for your baby
4. After delivery, breastfeeding helps you return to your normal body size
5. Breastfeeding decreases your risk of breast and uterine cancer
6. There are no bottles to buy and sterilize

We work on:
– Latching
– Understanding the difference between a suck and a swallow
– Breast compressions
– Skin to Skin
– Cup feeding
– Lactation Aid
– Safe sleeping
– General inquires
– Prenatal breastfeeding classes
– Life skills workshop
– Contact me for information on a free workshop
If you would like any more information about my services, rates or have further questions, please contact me.

Tara Carey
416 200-5864
Flexible hours
Evening hours available


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